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Putting it together

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Every country has its festivals. Utilize students?knowledge of these events to produce a coherent piece of writing.Terry Phillips

THIS lesson shows students one method of brainstorming for an essay: writing research questions and making notes of the answers. It also includes:

1. a range of verbs to talk about a traditional event;

2. some common patterns with prepositions;

3. a basic role about the use of definite article.

By the end of the lesson students should be able to write a series of well-formed sentences in a logical order, with a small amount of co-ordination with and.

Skills check boxes can be used at any stage of the lesson.

A. Discuss these questions

1. What festivals do you have in your country?


2. Which one is your favorite? _____________________

3. Why do you like it? _____________________

B. What would a foreigner like to know about your favorite festival?

Complete the questions in Column 1 of Table 1. Use a verb from the box below. You can change the form of the verb and use one verb twice.

celebrate called come from happen last take place wear prepare

Table1: Brainstorming with questions

1. What is it called?

Thanksgiving day

2. where does the festival…?


3. where does the name…?


4. what does the festival…?


5. when does it…?


6. How long does it…?


7. How do people…for the festival?


8. what...on the day(s)?


9. Do people...special clothes?


C. Drew Stephens is a Canadian college student. He has to write about his favorite festival.

Read Drew抯 notes in the blue box. Copy the information into the correct place in the green column of Table 1. Sometimes you will have to guess.

D. Write the assignment for Drew. Make full sentences from the information in the table.

Be careful!

You must use these prepositions: in (×3), on (×2), from, for, to, of

You must use the with some of the nouns.


The festival is called Thanksgiving Day.

Skills check 1

How to brainstorm for an essay.

Imagine you have to write the following essay:

Write about a festival in your country.


What would a reader like to know about the festival?

Write some questions. Then make notes of the answers.


Where does the festival take place?

Canada; US

E. Join some of the sentences with and. Make any necessary changes.


The festival is called Thanksgiving Day and It takes place in Canada and the US.

Skills check 2

Using prepositions: in and on

Study these patterns and examples:

in + place in Canada

in + month in October

on + day on Monday

for + period of time for one day

F. Now write about your own favorite festival.

1. Cover this sheet. Write the nine questions about your favorite festival. Leave space for an answer in each case.

2. Check your questions with this sheet.

3. Answer the questions in note form.

4. Write one full sentence to answer each question. Be careful with prepositions and the.

5. Join some of the sentences with and.

Skills check 3

Using articles: the

We use the when the reader will understand what we are talking about.


the festival the one I'm writing about

the name of the festival

the phrase the one I's going to tell you now

the harvest the thing which happens every year

the crops from the harvest

the streets of the towns

We often don’t use the with plural nouns.


The People cook…

The Children make the special things.

The People wear the special clothes.

Model sentences

1. The festival is called Thanksgiving Day and

2. It takes place in Canada and the US.

3. The name comes from the phrase “to give thanks”.

4. The festival celebrates the harvest, which is the time when the crops are picked.

5. In Canada it happens on the second Monday in October and

6. It lasts for one day.

7. People cook special foods and children make special things.

8. On the day of the festival, most families have a big Thanksgiving dinner and

9. People wear special clothes and they parade through the street.

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