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六大原则促进英语教育 世界英语教师协会当选主席 Deborah Short专访

本文作者: 21ST
由中国日报社、杭州市政府、上海外国语大学、中国教育学会外语教学专业委员会和世界英语教师协会联合主办的2019 TESOL中国大会将于7月25-28日在杭州举行。大 会将围绕“中国英语教育:立足时代 融通中外”这一主题,探索中国英语教育在新时代的奋进之路。大会分设12个议题,向国内外同行充分展示我国英语教育改革取得的卓越 成就,丰富国际英语教育的理念与模式,以全球视野为中国英语教育建言,以中国智慧为全球英语教育献策。本报特刊登两位世界英语教师协会主席专访,以飨读者。

世界英语教师协会当选主席 Deborah Short专访

Reporter: We know the TESOL International Association has defined the six principles for ELT and that you are one of the authors of The 6 Principles . Are these principles intended to be universal guidelines for English teachers?

Deborah Short: TESOL International Association has proposed six principles which are universal guidelines drawn from decades of research and experience to inform English teaching and learning. We believe if you implement these six principles, it is conducive to learner success. With materials we have, we have recommended practices for each principle to lead to teaching excellence.

Reporter: In general, what should teachers consider when planning their lessons?

Deborah Short: When teachers plan lessons, we recommend them to use the six principles, which can help design lessons and check students' learning. The first one is “know your learners”, you have to know students well in order to design effective lessons. You need to know both their goals and language proficiency skills so you can move them forward. Other principles will help you prepare plans that engage students, improve their authentic language use and practice and make them feel part of the growing community of English speakers. Principle Four helps you differentiate students for some students are stronger speakers or better readers. Perhaps you want to adjust their reading texts or tasks. Principle Five, which is about monitoring and assessing language learning, is a part of any good lesson where teachers have to find out how much students learned and how much more should be taught to move to the next level.

Reporter: This year, the TESOL International Association China Assembly will be held in Hangzhou. What kinds of benefits do you think English educators and experts can obtain from this event?

Deborah Short: It is great that there will be the second TESOL International Association China Assembly this year, and I encourage teachers to go to this large scale gathering of like-minded educators. It’s an opportunity to have professional learning to meet your needs, to network with others and share effective teaching practices and assessment. It is important that we gather together to engage and collaborate, in which way we meet TESOL’s Principle Six which is about creating a community of practice.
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